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Rainy Day Graphic Design…

What do we do on a rainy weekend when there aren’t any shoots scheduled?   Work on new marketing materials of course.

Here’s a small preview.

What is “Portraits 2.0″ and why does it matter?

Today at Justin Flood Photography, we introduced something new, and something that we think is special.  Portraits 2.0.

So what IS portraits 2.0?  We’ll let me explain.  In the past few years,  I’ve witnessed the decline of the portrait as it was.  Very rarely do you see people other than school children sitting down for a portrait that will be hung above some vaunted mantle somewhere.   Why?  Because the photo print industry is dying a slow and painful death.    People just aren’t interested in the framed portrait anymore.

The thing is, the portrait ITSELF isn’t dying at all.   Just it’s old printed/framed incarnation.   Look for yourself, places like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Photobucket are overflowing with pictures of people taken all over the world!   Not to mention the fact that more and more, our online-self is becoming not just a mirror of our personality, but the place where many people will meet us for the first time.   As our online lives become more and more important,  the way we portray ourselves online will also become more important.

To put it simply, those photos we take with our cellphones in our bathroom mirrors are just not going to cut it anymore.