Portraits 2.0

We know how big social networking has become in your life.  We Facebook.  We Twitter.  We share ourselves online more than ever in the past.   Heck, a lot of people even do most of their dating online!  The question is; Are we making as good of a first impression as we should?

The old saying is, “A Picture is worth a thousand words”.   If that was true before, in the digital age it means even more.  Friends, family, colleagues, potential employers, heck even potential boyfriends and girlfriends will be judging you more and more on that little picture in the corner of your Facebook page, or even of your favorite dating site!  The problem is, there’s a good chance that photo that you took of yourself in your bathroom mirror isn’t doing a very good job of representing the real you.

That’s where we come in!  We’re introducing a professional photoshoot designed ENTIRELY around improving your online image!  As far as we know, this is the first project of it’s kind.  Our photographers, know how to make the best of that little canvas in the corner of your favorite social networking site, to really bring out the best in YOU.   This is for guys and girls of all ages.  Teens, College Students, Graduates, Professionals, even Retirees.  Anyone who is looking to make the best of their online image.   If you want to make a better first impression online,  get in touch with us today!